We power 4,000 homes with green energy each year

Burying waste has become the norm in Britain and other developed countries over decades.

The drive to cut down on the landfilling of waste through a combination of higher recycling rates and cleaner energy-from-waste technologies is to be welcomed. But even if we stopped burying any more waste from today, we would still have to continue managing the sites we have for many more years to come.

As waste decomposes, it sends of a gas known as methane. Rather than waste this useful resource, Devon Waste Management collects it to be converted into electricity.

Our North Devon landfill site originally had a 1MW gas extraction unit, converting household and municipal waste delivered by the Torridge and North Devon District Councils into enough electricity to power 500 homes.

In 2011, as the landfill sites gets fuller, we doubled that capacity with a second unit, enabling us to power 4,000 homes with renewable electricity.

This investment highlights our commitment not only to professional landfill site management but also to ensuring that the waste we all produce doesn’t simply go to waste when there is a renewable energy resource to be tapped into. To us that’s just plain common sense.

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