What we do

Receipt, transfer and disposal of domestic refuse

We accept household waste for disposal through our recycling centre and landfill sites. We also receive kerbside domestic waste for landfill at Deep Moor. We have capacity to handle additional landfill contracts.

Collection and receipt of commercial waste

We accept private deliveries of domestic, commercial and industrial waste for disposal. Our commercial operation, Coastal Waste Recycling, provides all types of container hire and collection services to meet all of your recycling and waste needs.  We are able to recover and recycle over 90% of the material we receive and process through appropriate sorting and by using our state of the art machinary. 

Specialist disposal of asbestos

We accept by arrangement bonded and fibrous asbestos for disposal through our dedicated landfill facility. We also provide a collection service through our commercial operation, Coastal Waste Recycling.  We have the only licensed facility in Devon for the receipt and disposal of asbestos.

Materials recovery and recycling

The recycling centre we operate accepts household waste for recovery and recycling.

Garden waste composting

We have been at the forefront of garden waste composting in Devon since 1992. Green waste delivered to our recycling centres by the public and green waste received from local authorities is shredded then either composted on site or at local farms for use as a soil conditioner. Some 35,000 tonnes per year of green waste is put to good use this way serving the local farming community.  Our innovative and unique approach to green waste has been recognised by our recent award for 'Sustainable Product' from AFOR. 

Environmental monitoring

We also provide a full environmental monitoring and sampling service to the waste industry. We carry the full range of specialist monitoring equipment required to successfully conduct borehole monitoring for groundwater and leachates and surface water and landfill gas monitoring. We also provide an extensive equipment hire service for operators and consultants undertaking their own monitoring.

Landfill disposal

We operate landfill sites at Deep Moor Torrington, and at Kennford, near Exeter. Deep Moor receives domestic waste and asbestos for landfill while Kennford receives inert waste. Both sites also have Materials Recycling Facilities for the recovery of commercial and industrial wastes. Any residual waste left after processing through our commercial recovery service is disposed of on these sites.

The company is committed to effective management of its performance in the fields of health and safety, quality and the environment. More details of our policies can be found here.

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